Manhattan Arts International

The mission of Manhattan Arts International has always been to promote under-recognized artists who have achieved artistic excellence. We discover, reward, and promote outstanding artists in all styles and mediums. It was founded in 1980 by Renée Phillips, when as an art student, she wanted to give exposure to fellow emerging artists.

Kari Bienert artist

Kari Bienert, The Story, oil on linen, 35-1/2” x 78-3/4”. Kari Bienert is one of Manhattan Arts International’s Featured Artists.

How We Achieve Our Mission

We continuously promote art and artists through informative articles about the artists and their artwork, our curated online Gallery, and group theme exhibitions. We often invite guest curators and award sponsors to that give selected artists publicity awards.

Since 2000 Manhattan Arts International has had an active presence on the Internet. As a pioneer we established one of the first online galleries. Our  initiatives have served as trusted and reliable resources for art buyers and art professionals.

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